Have you ever been on the phone, endlessly, with a customer service rep who is just so, so, so…negative?

Of course you have. In this day in age you’d have to be living in a mountain shack with no electricity, let alone wifi, to not have had such an experience.

If you live in Canada, particularly BC, and you own a cel phone you’ll know about Rogers and Telus. There’s a big rivalry here between these 2 giant cellular providers. People become loyal to one or the other and will go on and on about why theirs is better.

I get it, customer loyalty is a good thing. In fact, without it companies find themselves with declining sales and morale.

That’s why I have, over the last 3 years, been consistently amazed at the horrible service I have received at the Tsawwassen Rogers Mobility outlet. Now, to be clear, these outlets are not owned by Rogers despite the crazy amount of branding inside and out. They run independently of the parent company and, as such, do not seem to be at all culpable for their behaviour.

I would consider this a win/win for Rogers. A. they get their names branded all over the place and B. they don’t have to accept any sort of responsibility for dreadful store owners or employees.

Years ago I was a Rogers customer. At the end of my term I went into the Tsawwassen store to get on a new 3 year plan and get a Blackberry. Even though the BB Pearl was free with my service plan I opted not to take on their package.


They were rude. Really rude. So rude, in fact, that I was actually appalled and sent off a missive to Rogers. (fat lotta good that did)

Unfortunately the company I worked for had a friends and family deal through Rogers and I had, previous to the end of my contract, signed my daughter up for a phone. I say “unfortunately” because it meant that even though I had terminated my own relationship with Rogers I still had to deal with hers.

Let’s skip ahead a bit. I am now a loyal Telus customer. The people at the Telus place in Tsawwassen (they own one in Ladner too) are amazing! I love them. They have fixed every issue with a smile and have always been friendly and courteous. And these people are young women! Not older men who should know how to behave.

October 2010 marked the end of my daughter’s 3 year Rogers imprisonment. Yesterday I went in to the store to cancel her account and find out why her $35/mo cel phone was billed at $122. I told the man, Michael, that I would be cancelling the account.

“Here’s the number for Rogers. You’ll have to call them from your land-line.” Apparently Michael wasn’t listening at all because I did mention that it was my daughter’s phone I’d be cancelling but I let that slide. (I could always call from the phone in my hand Michael. Or, better yet, since it takes 30 days to cancel I could probably use the cel phone too.)

I said “thanks” and “could you explain to me why her $35 bill is $122 when we just paid $100 last month please?”

To which he responded…are you ready…this is great (but not the best thing he said by far) “very briefly I can” A comment which I took to mean “I have no time for you because I’m too busy sitting her looking busy and important when really I’m just thinking about getting you out of my store as fast as possible.”

So, at this point I’d been at this store several times with horrendous customer service and I’d had it. I said “wow, you know what? I have never had good customer service in here.” (please keep in mind that I think that Michael is the owner of the franchise so you’d think this is info he’d want to know.)

And now, my loyal readers, is the pièce de résistance. He replied “Then perhaps you should stop coming in then.”

Ah Rogers, I’m so sorry that you have someone like Michael as the face of your company in Tsawwassen. I posted my experience on Facebook and received no fewer than 6 comments from others with similar experiences.

Perhaps Rogers should start screening their reps?

Similar stories? I’d love to hear them!

Written by jax