Hey all, this is a wonderful video that I found on Stephen Chapman’s ZDNet site. It’s got some really great info that you need to know if you want to capitalize on Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the highlights for optimizing your site for Google include the following:

1 – Title Tag: Make sure that you title the page in a way that is relevant to the content on that page. So, if your writing about Social Media on your page you should have a title tag that includes the term Social Media. Seems straightforward enough right?

2 – Meta Description: If you’re using WordPress make sure to make good use of the available tagging options. You can even add the SEO pack that will allow you to doubly tag your pages and posts. Make sure your meta tags are related to both your posts and to your site description. Make sure too that you add your meta tags BEFORE you publish your page for the first time. The impact is far greater from a first publish than from updates.

3 – Keywords and Synonyms: While you want the Google (and other search engine) spiders to be able to find you, you have to be careful not to construct your post just for that purpose. If you do that, no one is going to want to read your posts. That said, grammatical rules are a little bit thinner on the web and you can be a bit more redundant than you would otherwise be. Be sure to always go back through your posts and find ways to reiterate your point so as to be found by spiders but not lose your readers.

4 – URL: It’s a pretty good rule of thumb to use a URL that relates to your site’s subject. My site is called Social Media Canada so my URL is socialmedia-canada.com. Spiders love this. Whenever someone searches for “social media canada” they find me pretty quickly. (I love this too 🙂

Written by jax