Social Media Training

socialmediavancouver_trainingAlready have a Social Media presence but need to train someone how to keep it current, relevant and useful?

We can help you there too.

All too often organizations spend good money to develop an online campaign but fail to invest in the future. What happens when this campaign is over? Who’s responsible for measuring successes? How will you leverage your new online community? Who will make sure your name [brand] are being represented consistently across all channels?

These are just a few of the issues that come up after the Social Media contractor has completed his/her job.

What about the amazing ideas your, newly, engaged employees have for your online presence? Who’s going to implement them?

We have a toolkit that will help you to not only train current employees but make sure that any and all future social media positions are not left lacking.

Training sessions start at $100/hour and reduce to $80/hour when 5 or more sessions are booked.