Social Media Bootcamp for CEO’s

socialmediavancouver_bootcampOur Social Media Bootcamp for CEO’s is the only one of it’s kind in the Lower Mainland.

We have found, when dealing with larger corporations, that oftentimes the C-level executive team are not onboard with the use of Social Media. Ironically, they should be the most engaged as they’re the ones with the most to gain from building a strong brand online.

We walk your C-level exec team through the proper use of Social Media and Social Media monitoring and how it can position your company well above the competition regardless of the industry you’re in.

The format of the Social Media Bootcamp for CEO’s varies with the needs of  your executive team. We can do 1 on 1 or a boardroom presentation, whichever they prefer. Our flexibility sets this service apart from any other you will encounter.