Though I don’t often find myself creating logos and corporate identity pieces, I do really enjoy doing them.

The bigger the challenge the better. I really like to take an old, antiquated design and shine it up or modernize it.



…Or create something from scratch.

vancouver interior design

Feel Sound Music Therapy is a company, created by a recent graduate in Music Therapy. She wanted an identity that visually articulated what her company was about. The use of sound waves along with the open hand put the concepts of sound and touch together to illustrate how sound/music therapy works.



Laura Martinez recently opened her Reiki and Numerology practice in North Vancouver and needed a corporate identity that reflected the power of healing energy. Together we came up with the concept of using the Tree of Life to illustrate the connectivity in all living things. She also really wanted to incorporate the Cho-Ku_Rei symbol so I adapted the “ol” in numerology to accommodate that request. (Laura choose the upper right design)


Peak Performance Physio, in Whistler BC, had me do their entire re-branding. All collateral material and web site were designed with the intention of creating a consistent brand across all channels.Peak has a very diverse client base so the material had to appeal to both 18 year old crazy snowboarders as well as 75 year old rehabilitation patients.