We provide a host of services that will take you from knowing nothing about Social Media to being your own best guru. In addition to the services listed, we provide a comprehensive process to help you go from that great idea to full implementation.

Everyone has great ideas but not everyone can translate those ideas to their campaigns. That’s our #1 specialty. We love finding all the pieces then putting the puzzle together to reveal the very best online outreach for your organization.

Online Assessment

How does your organization stack up?

Social Media Canada will do a full-service assessment of your entire online presence and help you determine how you can improve your reach.

From determining your current and future goals, to auditing the competition to assessing all of your current outreach, Social Media Canada can determine a clear roadmap to successfully build a robust online community.

Assessments start at $250/entity. (i.e. if you have 2 businesses online and would like both assessed that would be 2 x $250)

Social Media Training

socialmediavancouver_trainingAlready have a Social Media presence but need to train someone how to keep it current, relevant and useful?

We can help you there too.

All too often organizations spend good money to develop an online campaign but fail to invest in the future. What happens when this campaign is over? Who’s responsible for measuring successes? How will you leverage your new online community? Who will make sure your name [brand] are being represented consistently across all channels?

These are just a few of the issues that come up after the Social Media contractor has completed his/her job.

What about the amazing ideas your, newly, engaged employees have for your online presence? Who’s going to implement them?

We have a toolkit that will help you to not only train current employees but make sure that any and all future social media positions are not left lacking.

Training sessions start at $100/hour and reduce to $80/hour when 5 or more sessions are booked.

Social Media Bootcamp for CEO's

socialmediavancouver_bootcampOur Social Media Bootcamp for CEO’s is the only one of it’s kind in the Lower Mainland.

We have found, when dealing with larger corporations, that oftentimes the C-level executive team are not onboard with the use of Social Media. Ironically, they should be the most engaged as they’re the ones with the most to gain from building a strong brand online.

We walk your C-level exec team through the proper use of Social Media and Social Media monitoring and how it can position your company well above the competition regardless of the industry you’re in.

The format of the Social Media Bootcamp for CEO’s varies with the needs of  your executive team. We can do 1 on 1 or a boardroom presentation, whichever they prefer. Our flexibility sets this service apart from any other you will encounter.

Social Media Strategies

socialmediavancouver_strategyBuilding on your initial assessment we work with you to determine exactly what you would like to accomplish through the use of Social Media.

From building content management systems (CMS) to understanding and employing SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to corner your online market, to a full Social Media strategy that will leave you with a working system that can be utilized by your company, we set you up for success.

Full strategic planning services start at $2000 dependent on needs and expectations.

Lunch & Learns

Llunch&Learn_IconDo you find that you’re the only one in your office who believes in Social Media or that the “higher ups” don’t really “get it”?
We can help.
Social Media Canada offers a 40 minute lunch and learn designed to give an overview of the proper use of Social Media to build your brand online. From how each Social Media outlet is unique to ways to connect with your clients and customers and build relationships, each Lunch and Learn is tailored to your industry specifically.

We go beyond an overview to give you real-life action items that you can employ immediately to improve your online presence.

Lunch and Learns start at $200/session.

To book please contact us at

Writing Services


Web Writing Services • FAQ

What Services Do You Offer?

Social Media Today offers a full array of website writing services including:

WEBSITE CONTENT: Whether we design your website or not we become intimately familiar with the message you are trying to relay to your visitors.

We take pride in writing in the vernacular of whichever audience you wish to address, and believe that a little demographic research goes a long, long, longgggg (just making the point there) way.

We feel a responsibility to provide valuable, accurate content so every article is researched and fact-checked and, if required, vetted through your team liaison, prior to publication.

BLOG POSTS: Writing for blogs is just down-right fun. Each blog is different and, as such, allows a great deal of creativity and clever use of words to engage the reader. This is the stuff we love to do!

The purpose of blogging is to engage and create a conversation. We completely get that and work hard to speak to your specific audience so they will listen, respond and share.

COPYWRITING: Writing interesting copy is tough. Again, we work with you to determine who your audience is, where they are online and how to speak to them.

How do we determine what’s great content?

We work with you to determine who you want to reach. We help you find out where they are and how they conduct themselves online.

For example: A snowboarding website is not going to want content written in the same tone as a fund management company. You tell us your target demographic (we can help define that if need be) and we’ll write the content with them in mind. That’s just how we roll.

What’s the process?

With all of our writing services we never cut and paste content from one article to the next. Each and every article is original and SEO optimized to garner the most amount of attention from search engine spiders while providing entertaining, engaging, informative and relevant information to the reader.

When you’re looking for creative, researched, accurate writing you’ll find that there are very few services available that can meet your individual needs at these prices.

OK, I’m sold…how much?

Sometimes the price will depend on the project. Some clients prefer a per/project rate and that can be determined once the scope of the project is nailed down.

However, for those who do want to know the hourly rate for writing so they can budget more effectively we’ve put this together.

Website content: $60/hour (includes 1 revision, additional revisions will be at the hourly rate)

Blog posts: $50/hour (includes 1 revision, additional revisions will be at the hourly rate)

Copywriting: $50/hour (includes 1 revision, additional revisions will be at the hourly rate)

Other (including newsletter writing, press release writing, article marketing pieces, ad copy): $50/hour

NB: While these are our standard writing rates, other arrangements can be made for weekly articles, blog posts or newsletters. Please email if you have any questions.