This is pretty awesome!

Social Media is a relatively new career. There are a lot of people out there calling themselves Social Media Experts and some of them even are.

The problem with a new genre is that no one knows just how much a great Social Media Manager is worth in a corporate setting. That’s why you see people advertising on Craigslist for a “Admin assistant/Social Media Expert”. Very little irks me more than these job listings.

If you’re a Social Media Expert, Manager, Coordinator, Strategist, it’s really good business to know what you’re worth to a potential employer. Relying on information from sites like PayScale, who peg Social Media Management salaries between $27,000 and $165,000!, could really mess with your valuation.

So sit down, figure out what you’re time is worth, do some research and be prepared to justify your worth to a potential employer.

If you behave like an Administrative Assistant you’ll get paid like one. However, if you can provide quantitative proof that what you know will add value to the company you’ll be hired as an important member of the management team and treated as such.

Good luck and enjoy the image, it totally cracks me up!

Written by jax