What a concept!

I was having a conversation with a young woman the other day and, as conversations often do, it turned to Facebook. She casually mentioned that she uses Facebook as Google now.

It took a second for the words to sink in but then I thought “wow, that’s bloody brilliant!”.

In fact, I think it’s a great marketing strategy. Business, regardless of their size, now have to be on Facebook because that is the first place many young people are doing to search.

Rather than opening a new browser window or tab 20-somethings are, true to form, taking the path of least resistance by simply typing a business name into the search bar in FB.

It’s not a flawless system by any means. Facebook requires you to type the name in exactly as it appears on the page which doesn’t leave much room for the spelling-challenged like yours truly. However, if a business can be found easily on FB then what’s all that SEO marketing money going out the door for?

As this starts to catch on I believe that Facebook will begin to adapt their search parameters to meet the needs of the users. I’d hate to predict that Google will be used less (they’re one of my favourite companies ever!) but one has to make allowances for the notion that Facebook is becoming a one-stop-shop for a particular demographic.

Think of it this way; if Facebook becomes google-esque for searching then users will be able to search, email, chat, post, watch, learn and play all on one website!

Wow, Bill Gates must just be freaking out at this accidental outcome.

They may have to change the name though. Facebook really isn’t going to cover it. How about something like Face-domination?

What do you think?

Written by jax