If it weren’t for the CBC and McLean’s Magazine, a google search for Stephen Harper would turn up a helluva a lot of negative publicity.

Simply by adding one word to the search….let’s say “jerk” the entire search result changes to articles calling him a douchebag and an idiot. There is no love lost, online, for our Prime Minister.

I can’t help but think that having someone monitoring his Social Media could only do some good for his rep. I mean, if he knew how much negative stuff was out there, wouldn’t he want to address it?

Perhaps he doesn’t care much what Canadians think. Maybe he is content to allow the old school popularity contest that is Canadian politics to give him enough confidence in his ability to do the bidding of the people.

The thing is, Steve, the prevailing attitude online is that you’re a knob. (for those not familiar with this English word, knob means penis) A day does not go by without at least 1, but usually several, posts about what an idiot you are and the harm you’re doing to our beautiful country.

Check out http://sorryworld.ca/. A web page entirely dedicated to the crap-tastic decisions that have come out from “The Harper Government”. (I’d like to add another. Changing the name of the Canadian Government to the Harper Government. Who the hell do you think you are? The Queen?)

A few short years ago I was infinitely proud to be a Canadian. I am a liberal to my core. I believe that you should be able to worship, love and vote for whoever you damn well please. I believe that teachers should be paid more than pro athletes (except hockey players because, after all, I am Canadian!) I believe that marijuana should be legal and taxed and that the resources wasted in catching pot smokers should be used to help get crack off of our streets.

I believe that we should not allow American’s to bully our native people and build pipelines through our beautiful forests. I believe that Canada should be a leader in environmental reform and restoration and that the rest of the world should have to catch up to us rather than the other way around.

I believe that while Tim Horton was a hero, Tim Horton’s restaurants should be held accountable for their environmental impact.

I think that we’re smarter than our Prime Minister believes us to be and I truly, 100% believe that we can use our collective power to start to move toward putting someone in Ottawa who actually loves our country and wants to see it flourish rather than flounder.

Mr. Harper, you’re a tool. You clearly dislike Canada and are willing to sell it, piece meal, to the highest bidder.

We’re not going to let you. Good luck with your next campaign. I think you’ve just about made us mad enough that, even as Canadians, we’re going to stand up and say “enough!”.

Written by jax