The most wonderful thing about my career is that when someone makes a suggestion to me about content I can work that notion around in my brain for a bit then relate it back to social media.

Case in point; I was speaking with my 80 year old mother yesterday. I know that 80 sounds kind of old but she is anything but old. I want to say she’s “sharp as a tack” but that’s something people say about old people. She’s just really smart. There, that seems appropriate.

So, my 80 year old mother completely “gets it”. This is probably one of the first tech career things I’ve done that she completely gets and she has been identifying incidents in her own life that she can relate back to what I do. (this gives her great satisfaction)

Yesterday she was suggesting that I teach my clients to make sure they know who they’re selling to. In other words, in marketing-speak, “know your demographic”.

That’s really only half the story though. With social media it’s not enough to know your market. In fact, it’s often tougher to know your online market because many people don’t slot nicely into categories.

I know 18 year olds who like fine wine and 50 year olds that slam Jaegarmeister. Neither of them would fall into their age category for marketing purposes.

So, while knowing your customer is still important I’d say it’s secondary to knowing your business.

If you know exactly what you’re business is, what it represents, what it’s trying to accomplish now and in the future, you will attract the correct demographic through your targeted social media campaign.

The very first thing you do when thinking about how to market online is the write your story. The story is the foundation of all your marketing. It should include who you are, what you do and, most importantly the core value statement for the company. This core value statement will be what you always refer to to keep yourself on track.

For example, if you’re company wants to provide the very best customer service in the online sale of buttons then that needs to be your core value statement.

Once set all activity online and off must relate back to that statement. If a customer asks for a button you don’t have you better walk through fire to find it. If a wholesale customer is dissatisfied you have to find a way to make them happy. The value of your company depends on it.

Traditional business plans are still necessary but, if you’re going to succeed online, you will need to set your philosophy and stick to it. So make sure you do it right the first time….no pressure 🙂

A good social media strategist will help you with this. Don’t try to do it alone, there are rules and conduct that need to be considered. Find someone with similar values and a healthy expertise in social media to help you get started.

Good luck!

Written by jax