In April of 2012 I was hired to teach Audiences and Social Media at Vancouver Film School. Since then I have been given the great, and amazing, opportunity to add 2 additional courses to my repertoire; Developing Online Communities and Corporate Social Responsibility.

I love teaching. I love the students. I love the passion they have for their craft and their future. I love that most of the students that arrive in the program didn’t excel in an education “system” that sets anyone with a creative bend up for failure.

Vancouver Film School is the place where the class clown and the class geek can get together and create an award winning entertainment property, from scratch. Magic happens here!

I’m very proud to be a part of the VFS Entertainment Business Management program and I’m excited to see what new, amazing, creatively charged, unique stuff 2013 brings!

The film program put together this beautiful “year in review”. Check it out!

Written by jax