If you know even the tiniest thing about Social Media you know that success relies on traffic. You have to get traffic to your site, you have to engage people enough to want to return to your site then you have to snap them up and add them to your list through your lead capture thingy.

Now, there are some who feel that using any means necessary to get that traffic is completely warranted and they will even sell out to some A-list blogger (or C-list blogger as the case may be) to get them the traffic they want.

Up here, in the Great White North (we call it Canada) there are few A-list bloggers so if you want to promote your site in Canada you have to sell your soul to someone like Jordan Cooper who seems to get a lot of traffic both North and South of the border. Either that or he’s worked out a way to get his tweet meme to say that his articles have been retweeted much more than they have. Is that even possible? That would be great if it were!

But I digress…

I am shamelessly posting on Jordan’s blog in order to do 2 things. Thing 1 is to promote the hell out of my Social Media Consulting company. Yep, I want new clients. I want them to pay me to deal with all the junk they can’t or won’t deal with. Β While this may seem like a soul-sucking prospect to some, it’s the way things are done on the net.

Internet marketing is much like the whole symbiotic relationship between the Egyptian Plover and the Nile Croc; we feed off of each other, we rely on each other to survive. If Jordan, the Crocodile, didn’t have folks like me, the Plover to pick junk out of his teeth and I didn’t have guys like Jordan who won’t devour me the moment my back is turned, this whole network marketing thing would come crashing down.

Love it or hate it, if you want traffic you’ll have to live it.

The 2nd reason I’m posting to Jordan’s site is to show my own clientele that I can write in any vernacular. Jordan’s guest posters are pretty funny. There’s a bar there. It’s not set very high but it’s there and if I wanna get featured on his site, I’m going to have to at least make the effort to reach that low bar.

If you read through the other articles on my own blog you’ll find that I am usually more serious and business-like. My readers know I can write that way, what they don’t know is that deep down, way deep, I am much more comfortable writing cheek than I am stating facts.

That said, for a good writer, and I am a good writer so you can keep all your snarky comments to yourself, I won’t “approve” them anyway.

For a good writer the subject matter is less important that their ability to explain concepts to a wide audience.

So, if you’re trying to flog your blog, you either need to be a good writer, find someone to guest post, or you need to find a good writer to write for you. Seriously, if you’re not a good writer you’ll get one shot at sucking and that will be it. You’ll lose potential traffic and, as we learned above, traffic is the key.

Jordan seems to have more faith in people’s writing than I do and he’s posted an article called How To Write a Funny Blog Post where he pretends anyone can be funny. I didn’t read it but I hear it’s useful. πŸ˜‰

Selling your soul to a guy like Jordan is less painful than you might think and if you want to get traffic to your site (Remember? The first sentence? jeez) you better get into bed with someone like him…Figuratively speaking!

Written by jax