That great quote by Ertha Kitt really sums up what living a fulfilled life is all about. Learning new things and seeking knowledge on what we already think we know gives our lives meaning and anyone who is at the top of their game will tell you that “learning” is a big key to their success.

If I had to break down how I spend my day I would have to attribute at least 60% of it to research, discovering new, better ways to do things, learning something new for my business and for my clients.

The top producers in every industry advocate learning as much as possible and to continue to seek new and innovative ways to improve productivity, customer service, product development and every other aspect of your business.

It’s actually really easy to spot the people that are not interested in learning something new. They’re the ones, in the meeting, you  know the ones? The ones who poo poo new ideas or have a million excuses on why something won’t work. Or the ones who say they’ve tried that and it didn’t work at their last job. Ya, I think the word we use for them is cynical.

I put together Social Media Canada in order to express the things I’ve learned from others and share them with my readers. If spending 6 hours figuring out how to put together a blog or gather targetted Twitter followers can be condensed into a post that will save someone that time, I’m keen to do it.

In the same spirit I am also very happy to help promote events that could help people improve their business.

To that end I want to mention the SES Conference and Expo taking place in Toronto June 13-15, 2011. You can get all the info on their site or you can read this quick synopsis I’ve put together to save you the time. (see? see what i did there? 😉

Ok, SES is basically a place where you can learn all about search engine strategies which is a super large topic that encompasses stuff like search engine optimization, ppc, how to optimize your web page for search etc etc.

I would have loved to attend an event like this. If I still lived in Toronto I’d be in like Flynn. It’s 3 days that could save you months of research if you were to try to figure it all out yourself, online.

If you’re interested in getting into web marketing, site building, SEO or just want to improve your skill set, you’re likely to get a great deal out of this conference.

Let me know if you’re going. I’d love to have someone report back after the event and let us know how it went (and whether its worth it to attend in other cities)

Written by jax