There is no doubt that, historically, we Canadians are a cautious lot.

We are quite happy to watch as everyone else jumps, head first, into the newest fad or craze and we smuggly sit back and assess the hell out of every situation before throwing our hat into the ring.

We’ve always been like this. Think about the World Wars. We didn’t forge ahead, we held back and waited to be asked politely would we care to join in.

It’s not very Canadian to lead the charge.

Perhaps that’s why so many Canadian companies have not yet realized the great power that social media could have on their marketing.

Think about this; a company’s online presence does not often advertise where they are located. The internet has become the great equalizer for Canadian company’s competing in the US. (and elsewhere)

Tapping that massive American market has never been easier for the polite, honest, hard-working Canadians. When one marries the Canadian work ethic with an exceptional social media campaign it’s a slam dunk that the Canadian will pull ahead.

If you’re skeptical I have one word that will change your mind. Are you ready? It’s going to change the way Canadians feel about social media forever so maybe you should sit down…please (Canadian eh?)


Yep, every article you read on the uses of social media to grow your business will put “humanize the company” at the very top of the social media marketing strategy.

The entire point of Facebook is to put a human face on a corporate identity. That’s why big business like Nike and Coke and Victoria’s Secret (though maybe they’re not putting a “face” to the company 😉 use Facebook to reach out to their fans.

Sure they use the site for promotions and give-aways but by interacting (responding to posts etc) with their customers, these companies add a human element to their marketing.

It’s no longer good enough to put out a great ad and wait to see what will happen. Interaction, engagement, humanization and content are what people are looking for now and if you’re company is not providing value to the people you’re supposed to be selling to, another company will.

So Canada. It’s time to get your act together. It’s pretty well established that Social Media is not a fad. It’s a way to connect on that oh-so-Canadian level. Personally.

If you want to know more about how to create a fantastic Social Media Campaign please contact us. We have free info on this site and tons of really cool, secret stuff that you’ll have to pay for 🙂 But rest assured, when you contact us, a Canadian company, we’ll be polite and you’ll get a real human response!

Written by jax