Jacquie McCarnan

When I began building Social Media Canada I did so based on the notion that the business model of the past, that the bottom line rules behaviour, is antiquated and on it’s way out.

I believed, correctly thank goodness, that companies are more than ready to embrace a more socially conscious core value statement for their business model.

Throughout building the business I have been able to stay true to this philosophy and work with companies, organizations and colleagues that embrace “social good” and now attract like-minded businesses that see our model as something they can identify with.

Social media has changed the game and those organizations who have learned that to gain entry now means they must be transparent and always diligent, are winning the race.

One need only examine case studies like Toms Shoes or Patagonia to see that being a great, socially (environmentally, philanthropically) conscious corporate citizen can be a profitable proposition AND good for the soul.


Social Media Canada is the brain child of veteran Internet Marketer, Jacquie McCarnan.

Jacquie has owned and operated several successful companies both online and off and is always on the cutting/bleeding edge of technology.

In the case of Social Media Management, Jacquie quickly realized that the Canadian market is grossly under-represented.

Canadian companies are not providing the value that their American counterparts are and, in not doing so, are losing business to companies south of the 49th.

As a proud Canadian, Jacquie felt that this injustice needed to be rectified and set out to create one of Canada’s premiere Social Media Marketing and Strategic planning services.

Educating the Canadian market on the enormous benefits of a strategically planned Social Media Marketing Campaign is the purpose of socialmedia-canada.com. By providing value to visitors to this site, Jacquie and her team are proving that anyone, from service providers to product sellers, can utilize Web 2.0 strategies to improve their bottom line.

To speak to Jacquie directly or to find out more about how Social Media can increase your business please call 604.764.0990 or email Jacquie

{please note that Social Media Canada accepts a limited number of new clients each month. If you would like to be considered please email Jacquie McCarnan directly and state: new client submission in the subject line. Thank you.}